Believe It Or Not

Here we have a list of some incredible items found in loft spaces, of course the majority of people put their Christmas ornaments & decorations in the loft and drag them out once a year, it can be filled with boxes upon boxes even with cringing photos of you and your family from way back, and of course the bin liners, full of clothes that haven't been worn for years, but fear not, one man’s junk can be someone’s treasure !

Grenades, A Blast From The Past

Having a nosey through your loft, the last thing you are expecting to find are hand grenades, yet in May 2012 bomb disposal experts were called to a house in Bradford after a woman rang 999, and explained her discovery, the disposal experts removed the grenades and carried out a controlled explosion. Homes in Leeds had to be evacuated in June 2012 as more grenades were found. In August 2011 two No. 68 anti-tank grenades and a rifle launched grenade were found in a farmers loft in Dorset dating back to the second world war.

The Ex Boyfriend

Yep, believe it or not, and we don’t think you could make this up, we all know how noises can scare us in the middle of the night, but it is usually nothing and we soon settle back off to sleep, but in the early hours of a morning in September 2012 a mother of five heard noises coming from the loft area, after sending her son & nephew into the loft to investigate they found a man asleep next to an air vent, when the police arrived and the man got arrested it turned out to be an Ex boyfriend of the lady who owned the house, her Ex had been living in the loft for over two weeks (since he got released from prison) spying on her.

Figurine Figure

A figurine figure was found in 2013 in a loft that had not seen the light of day in almost 70 years, the rare figure was commissioned by Nicholas II of Russia, and was then given to his wife Empress Alexandra. In 1934 it was purchased from Manhattans Galleries for £1,490 by a art gallery owner Mr. George Davis, when George passed away his relatives had the piece valued, coming back with a figure of £530,000, so in auction it went, Wartski a London based jeweller was the winner however with commission the price paid was £4,000,000 (Four Million Pound).

Dr. Martin Luther King

A particular loft in Tennessee had a piece of history hidden since 1960, an unknown audio recording of a interview Dr. Martin Luther King the civil rights leader. Steven Tull was cleaning the loft for his father when he came across some boxes, in a particular box a tape was found marked Dr. King interview, His father had recorded and interviewed King and forgot all about the tape until it was played.

Comics, You Having A Laugh

One DIY enthusiast whilst renovating a house he had recently purchased came across a comic called “Action Comics”. Action Comics contained the first appearance of no doubt the most popular comic super hero of them all, Superman. This particular comic had a slight rip, but it still sold for nearly £116,000. Wow, Nicolas Cage didn’t find one in his loft but he had a near perfect addition of the comic and in 2011 he sold it for over £1,722,500

Cold Hard Cash

Mr. Josh Ferrin recently purchased a home. whilst sorting his tools out in the garage he noticed an access panel in the ceiling leading to the loft space above his garage, so Ferrin grabbed a ladder and took a look to see what was up there, after bringing down 8 ammunition boxes, he took a peak inside and discovered there was over £238,000 wrapped up in neatly rolled bundles. Well you would think that you had won the lottery, Ferrin traced the late owners eldest son and gave him all the money, whether the son shared his new found wealth with his five siblings or he gave Ferrin some form of present, we will never know.

Hitler's Record Collection

After the fall of Nazi Germany, which led to the end of World War II in 1945, Lew Besymenski from Russian army intelligence went to the headquarters of the Nazi party, Reich Chancellery in Berlin. (This was Hitler's official residence, office and bunker, from here he planned the war and this is where it ended with his death) Whilst transferring Hitler’s personal belongings from Berlin to a fortress in southern Germany a few things went missing including some vinyl records. Fast forward to 1991 Besmenski’s daughter Alexandra went into the loft to find a badminton racket, whilst in the loft she also came across her dad’s souvenirs from the Reich Chancellery, Yep Adolf Hitler’s personal record collection each record had a label with the word Führerhauptquartier, German for Reich Chancellery.

Stradivarius Violin

When the police raided a suspect regarding art theft, what they found was truly amazing, in a suitcase in the loft they found a three century old violin taken from a car park robbery of a symphony concert master Mr. Frank Almound (who had only lent it at the time). Even though an incredible reward was offered at the time no-one came forward. Incrediably the violin was not damaged so it was still worth £3,000,000. Yep, three million.

Mum, Is That A Mummy

In 2013 Alexander Kettler at the time was a curious 10 year old boy playing in his grandmothers loft, the late boys grandfather had somehow obtained the wrapped mummy as a souvenir from a trip he had made to North Africa in the 1950’s, the fact that the mummy was encased inside a sarcophagus with hieroglyphic adornments makes this story believable.


You knew we would have to mention paintings, well here is one what certainty wasn’t a bad find in an attic, The Sunset At Montmajour, this particular painting had spent over 100 years away from the public view, Sunset at Montmajour is a landscape painted by the Dutch artist Vincent van Gogh. The painting has not been sold to date and has been on display since the 9th September 2013, it is believed to have been painted on Tuesday the 5th July 1888.

A painting of the Virgin Mary cradling the body of Jesus was found in an apartment in New York. It is believed the painting was the work of Michelangelo from 1545. This particular painting is similar to works in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, so a estimated cost has been put on the painting £198.000.000. No we haven’t put too many noughts on, One hundred and ninety eight million pounds.


A piece of Asian art was found in a loft which was originally bought by a Chinese businessman, the auction house stated the vase dates from 1740’s (Qianlong period) and would have been housed in the Chinese Royal Palace at the time, yet it’s a mystery on how the 16” piece ended up in London. Anyhow it was sold in auction in 2010 for a whopping £55,000,000. (Fifty Five Million Pounds)

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