How long will my loft conversion take?

Probably the most common question we get asked as loft conversion specialists is “How long will my loft conversion take?” Well this of course all depends on which particular type of loft conversion you are having undertaking. It’s important to understand that each and every project is unique.

The design and build differs in every job carried out, however with our experience regardless of how big and complicated your loft extension project may be, we will strive to carry out the building work to suit your schedule.

Throughout the construction of your bespoke loft conversion, you will have direct contact with a project manager assigned specifically to your property, you will be kept up to date by our dedicated time served fitters, in the very unlikely event that you need to report an issue, it will be dealt with swiftly.

Loft conversions through the same basic stages, i.e. primary beams/steel, floor, windows, insulate, plasterboard shell, partitions, staircase, 1st fix electrics & plumbing, finish plaster boarding, 2nd fix joinery, plastering, 2nd fix electrics/plumbing etc. With having over 25 years undertaking loft conversions throughout the north of England, we can give you a guide to within a couple of days for the construction.

Of course customers and new clients are concerned how long their conversion will take because most people think there will be a great level of disruption, this is not the case, we ensure any disruption is kept to the bare minimum and quality of work to an outstanding high level.

Design - Firstly, this is absolutely critical that your loft conversion is designed not only to provide you with a room, but also make the conversion feel a part of your home. As we discuss the design Top Storey will advise you on all the best and practical possibilities.

Planning - If need be your planning application will be submitted to planning and building control, however under the relaxed building regulations most loft conversions do not need planning, all loft conversions must still go through a stringent building control procedure.

Build - At the beginning of transforming your loft, we will arrange for any necessary scaffolding, skips and of course your materials to be delivered onsite. We will arrange visits with the appropriate building inspector at various stages throughout the build so it does not interfere in your daily routine.

Velux Conversions

The most popular of loft conversions are called Velux / Rooflight conversions. This particular conversion takes around 2 - 3 weeks from start to finish, and without doubt this conversion is the most cost effective lot conversion, as all the work involved is within the existing roofline.

Velux conversions do not require planning permission, but like any other loft conversion it does have to go through stringent building regulations, but this is a fairly quick process and we take care of the procedure on your behalf.

Hip to Gable / Hip End Conversions

A hip-to-gable conversion is for properties with a sloping side roof, it is fair to say this conversion is mainly to allow the new staircase to flow over the existing stairs, this conversion change the shape of the roof profile by extending the ridgeline giving you a much larger loft area, a new section of roof is introduced and built to fill in the area.

When the new gable is built it's usually finished with plain hanging tiles to match the existing roof, with a window to allow natural light on your new stairwell. Top Storey would allow 4 weeks for this particular loft conversion.

Rear Dormer Conversions

This is the most popular loft conversion undertaken, a rear dormer conversion takes around 4 weeks from start to finish, rear dormers are popular due to the fact that they create a large floor area and provide fantastic natural light through either large windows or even french doors.

Planning permission is not always required as this type of conversion can be carried out under your permitted development rights, as long as it meets some certain criteria.

Roof Lift Conversions

Roof lift conversions are exactly how it describes, if you have insufficient head room in your existing loft area a roof lift could provide you with the much needed extra height. A roof lift conversion however is really only suitable for detached houses and detached bungalows. Having this type of conversion takes usually 6 weeks including all the internal finishes.

The good news is there is no need to move out whatever loft conversion your having undertaken, we are experts in this field and guarantee your dormer or roof lift will be constructed and sealed in 1 working day.

We are aware you will probably be glad to see the back of us when we have finished, but the end result will without a doubt bring new life into your home.

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