Types of Loft Conversions

This post is dedicated to explaining the various common types of loft conversions and will give you an idea on which loft conversion will be best for your property and requirements.

Velux Loft Conversion

This type of loft conversion is also commonly known as a roof light conversion, the name velux loft conversion comes about because velux are the leading manufacturers of roof windows. A Velux conversion is without a doubt the most cost effective type of loft conversion to carry out, as roof windows are installed without having to make any major changes to any property’s roof structure.

A velux / roof light loft conversion can be completed in just 12 – 14 days from start to finish, meaning you can those extra rooms in just a matter of a few weeks.


Hip to Gable Dormer Loft Conversion

A hip to gable dormer loft conversion involves extending the existing roof ridge to the gable wall, which in turn provides you with a much larger loft space. A hip to gable loft conversion involves making some major changes to the current roof structure.

These types of loft conversions are generally carried out because houses with hip roofs commonly do not have enough internal space over the existing staircase to carry the new staircase leading to your new loft rooms. Once the gable end has been constructed, it is usually completed with a UPVC window to allow for natural light to light up the stairwell.

An average hip to gable loft conversion can approximately 14 – 16 days to complete from start to finish.

Hip End Dormer Loft Conversion

Similar to a hip to gable dormer loft conversion, instead a dormer is installed on the hip side of your roof to create that extra space to allow for your new staircase to continue up from your existing stairwell.

A typical hip end dormer loft conversion takes approximately 13 – 15 days from start to finish.

Roof Lift Loft Conversion

Provided that your house is a detached property, roof lift loft conversions are carried out when there is insufficient headroom in your existing roof space. A roof lift involves raising the roofline in order to construct the new roof at a higher pitch to provide the extra headroom required for converting your loft space into habitable rooms. Once the new roof is constructed, the external gable walls are built back up with same type of bricks (if we can source them) or are tile hung to blend into the roof.

To give you peace of mind, Top Storey Lofts are experts in roof lifts and guarantee your new-pitched roof will be fully fitted and sealed in one working day.

Unlike some of our inexperienced competitors who state roof lifts can take 3 months to 6 months, Top Storey Lofts guarantee that any roof lift loft conversion will not take more than 28 working days to complete from start to finish.

Flat Roof Dormer Loft Conversion

A flat roof dormer loft conversion is the most popular type of loft conversion due to the fact that they can create a large amount of floor space in your loft conversion. A dormer is built up from your internal wall plate and usually externally finished with hung tiles.

This type of loft conversion is typically completed in 18 – 20 days from start to finish.


Cottage Dormer Loft Conversion

Cottage dormers consist of a vertical window, which have a roof of their own and are usually situated at the front elevation of a property. Cottage dormers are built up with studwork and are usually finished with hanging tiles. A cottage dormer loft conversion is a perfect solution to achieving headroom where it might of otherwise been difficult.

It is absolutely vital that you get the design of the cottage dormers right, because if they are built too big or small they can overpower the authenticity of the roof.

An average cottage dormer loft conversion is usually built from start to finish in approximately 13 – 15 working days.

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